What is it
and how does
traceability works?

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, "traceability" represents the chance to give the consumer all the trajectory of the products that he has acquired, as well as to identify the possible collective health hazards to which they were exposed during their production and distribution.

The traceability code is found as in the example below:

Agriculture is a segment that requires a lot of care at all stages and, therefore, traceability is one of our differentials.

Through the QRCode reader, the cell phone camera recognizes traceability labels, located on the shelves and packaging of the products, informing the consumer about the food and its origin.

When reading, the consumer is aware of the characteristics and benefits of the food, the path traveled (from the plantation to the shelves), and the references of the producer and the distributor.

Extrafruti - Exemplo de Rastreamento

Traceability Program