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Scientific Name: Cucurbita

The pumpkin has high nutritional value and contains vitamin A, indispensable in sight. Preserves the health of the skin and mucous membranes, avoiding infections, and even helps the growth. It has niacin, the vitamin B complex, in which it avoids skin, digestive, nervous system and rheumatism problems. It contains mineral salts such as calcium and phosphorus, fundamental in the formation of bones and teeth, muscles, blood clotting and transmission of nerve impulses.
Amount per 100 grams
Total Fat0
Saturated Fat0
  • Pumpkin seeds contain an excellent vermifuge against the parasites of the digestive tract, such as roundworms and tapeworms, which are known as "solitary". Middle Eastern people, like the Israelis, have a habit of consuming them as a prevention against these verminoses.
  • Because it is very versatile, the pumpkin can be consumed in several ways, such as salads, hot dishes, sausages, soups, breads, cakes, sweets, etc. Its seeds, rich in iron, can also be roasted and consumed as an appetizer.

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